Bigfoot Authorized Training Centre – Vietnam

The Bigfoot Authorized Training Centre is the exclusive RUPES-authorized training center in Vietnam.

Understanding the scarcity of skilled workforce, we have developed short-term courses based on practical experience. Each course covers content from basic to advanced levels, catering to the diverse needs of students, along with flexible learning methods and schedules.

Training at the RUPES Authorized Training Centre also offers students the opportunity to learn and practice with internationally standardized equipment, tools, and materials, enhancing the expertise and professionalism of participants

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Certification: Paint Correction Training

The course provides the fundamental foundation of polishing. Students will gain basic understandings about paint surfaces, paint defects, how to differentiate, select, and use tools in conjunction with consumables to achieve the highest effectiveness while optimizing costs.

The teaching plan is developed by the Bigfoot Training Academy, with up to 90% of the time dedicated to practical exercises. It ensures that after the course, students can confidently address paint defects on vehicles. Upon graduation, students will be awarded the RUPES course completion certificate

Participants will gain insights into:

  • Paint surface composition Identification of paint types (hard paint, soft paint)
  • Different types of paint imperfections
  • Various motion patterns of RUPES polishing machines
  • Dual-action machine polishing techniques
  • Rotary machine polishing techniques
  • Polishing skill sets
  • How to match machines and materials based on paint imperfections
  • Approaches to resolving diverse paint-related issues
  • Techniques for adjusting methods to address paint imperfections
  • Selection of machines, pads, and compounds for achieving the highest surface gloss
  • Machine usage and selection for polishing edges and corners
  • Understanding the one-step polishing process to maximize profitability and customer satisfaction
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Certification: Advanced Sanding & Polishing Techniques

This advanced course is designed for experienced polishing practitioners. The teaching plan focuses on advanced techniques for defect removal, paint preparation prior to polishing, step-by-step polishing processes, and achieving the highest level of surface finishing.

100% of the training time is conducted on real vehicles, utilizing various types of paint

Participants will gain insights into:

  • Procedures for scratch reduction and defect removal
  • Wet sanding vs. dry sanding Dual action movements
  • Polishing techniques with Dual action movements
  • Polishing techniques with Rotary movements
  • Edges and corner polishing
  • Recognition of different paint types and the latest automotive paint trends
  • Tools for paint type identification and paint thickness measurement
  • Common polishing issues and challenges
  • Methods to pair tools, consumables and techniques for addressing specific defects
  • Usage of polishing tools and detailed cleaning with iBrid Nano
  • Headlight polishing techniques
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Certification: Detailing A-Z

Specialized course in car care and polishing. This course offers a comprehensive and complete breakdown of all detailing stages, including car wash, engine cleaning, interior and exterior detailing, glass care, headlight restoration, and addressing paint defects.

Participants will gain insights into:

  • Car washing process: how to use tools and chemicals
  • Machine wash
  • Interior clean and maintenance
  • Exterior clean and maintenance
  • Glass clean
  • Different types of paint imperfections
  • Defects classification
  • Polishing movements
  • Tools and consumables combination
  • Basic polishing techniques
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Trainers are engineers and specialists with over 10 years of experience in the automotive industry, along with experts from leading companies worldwide.


Technical Specialist

Working at Hoan Xa Motor in different positions has provided comprehensive knowledge and experience. Currently holding the position of Senior Technician, he has also participated in numerous training sessions at Hoan Xa for premium car dealerships and workshops.


Head of Training

With over 30 years in the automotive industry with comprehensive experience in automotive painting, more than 10 years of experience in polishing and car detailing, Mr. Huyen Nguyen have trained numerous technicians for well-known car dealers, car manufacturers, detailers and workshops nationwide. 


Technician Specialist

Working at Hoan Xa Motor for over 10 years in the position of Senior Technician, Mr. Tuoi Do has experienced from direct engagement with hundreds of technicians in workshops and car care centers. Furthermore, he possess in-depth knowledge and understanding of equipment and machinery structure.