We are so proud to become trusted partner and importer of more than 15 distinguished automotive brands originating from the world’s most advanced industrial hubs, including Italy, the USA, Sweden, Japan…

Our distinctive competence lies in providing innovative solutions and state-of-the-art technology, consistently placing us at the forefront of the industry. We are deeply committed to fostering the progress of the Vietnamese automotive sector.
As the pioneering force behind the introduction of dry sanding systems to the Vietnamese market, Hoàn Xa has dedicated 18 years to being the entrusted importer of the esteemed RUPES brand. With an impressive 23-year track record as the importer of brands like Ravaglioli Car Lifts and Nova Verta Paint Booths, coupled with two decades of importing and distributing Anest Iwata painting equipment and spray guns, we have solidified our reputation as a steadfast importer and distributor for premier automotive equipment, tools, and materials. These brands include Banzai, Hunter, Cartar, 3M, Symach, Brainbee, Scangrip, and SAMOA…


Nova Verta (Italy)

Paint booths



Banzai (Japan)

Lifts, tester equipment,
garage equipment


RUPES (Italy)

Central extraction system,
dry sanding system, surface correction system

Hedson (Sweden)

Curing lamps, gun cleaners



Anest Iwata (Japan)

Compressors, spray guns,
paint equipment

3M (USA)

Automotive consumables,
car care products

DEA (Italy)

Premium workshop and industries furniture

Cartar (Australia)

Mobile lifts


Scangrip (Denmark)

Detailing lights, working lights

Mahle (Italy)

Emission testing system


SAMOA (Spain)

Waste oil suction pump system


Symach (Italy)

Robot curing lamps system


Celette (France)

Collision repair equipment


With nearly 30 years of experience in the automotive industry, Hoàn Xa Motor proudly stands as a partner to manufacturing plants, automotive dealerships, vehicle care centers, and premium service workshops nationwide.

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Automobile and motorcycle factories

Toyota, Yamaha, Honda, Ford, Thaco, …

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Car dealers, service workshops
and car care centers nationwide

Toyota, Porsche, Volvo, Audi, Honda, Mercedes Benz

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